Book Review: Crush It -Gary Vee

Book: Why now is the time to CRUSH IT- Cash in on your passion
Author: Gary Vaynerchuk 
First of all,  WOW

Personal branding 
Business focused 
Great detail and explanations

This book is excellent for anyone who wants to kick-start their brand/content, whether that be personal branding or a business. Gary highlights the importance of the hustle and passion that is necessary for a successful entrepreneur. Unlike his regular free content, the book exercises the steps taken into growing a brand using the social media sphere. 

In an age of business where Facebook, Instagram, and email dominate marketing for almost all customer segments. Gary always promotes the hustle and passion, but his book compared to other content finally breaks steps down. He’s a serial entrepreneur that has experiences across the board to create an in-depth explanation of building a personal brand around our passions. 

Let’s break this books review into a few sectors,

Firstly, the book is only 140 pages and takes little to no time to finish. Business books tend to rant and fall away from the books the main point, ending in hundreds of pages to read. Believe it or not, but a book’s content quality will always win over the quantity of pages. It’s quality of content perfectly crunches into a small book. For under $20 CAD (Kindle Version, Free App), Crush It is an inexpensive book that will bring value to your business or personal brand. To be clear, a personal brand is referring to your online presence. Are you apart of your passion’s community? Are you well liked? How’s your reputation? You’ve been building on this since the creation of your first social media account. Now it may cross over to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Secondly, simplicity. 
Gary breaks things down perfectly, I bet a child could understand. A chapter later in the book literally follows; Step 1, Step 2, etc. Fortunately, there is an appendix at the end of the book that reiterates these steps. It makes it a great tool for easy access in the future. I had difficulty putting this book down every night, it’s so easy to lose track of time. You’ll fly through pages endlessly before you notice the time. Gary’s simple groundwork allows for a reader to apply every paragraph to their own life. He’ll mention a gardening blog reference, then you’ll immediately consider your own passion for marketing or fitness.  

Lastly, content content content.
All content all the time.
Crush It excels the level of quality content. It aids you in understanding your passion and the personal branding required. It’s inspiring each page and is always relative to your own ventures. Gary understands the importance of focusing on our passions and hustling to achieve them. I highly recommend jumping onto Amazon and reading it before the new one comes out in January. 

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