3 Cryptocurrency Terms Explained

There are more than a few terms in Crypto thrown around to make life easier and cut down words. It can be difficult for beginners that are fresh in the space to understand what’s going on. From whales to bears, it can be a confusing rollercoaster. Here are the most common terms used in everyday cryptocurrency…

1) Whales

A cryptocurrency whale is someone who owns a massive number of coins in the space. Relating to a real whale, one of the most massive mammals on the planet. When a crypto whale ships off their coins after reaching a selling point, they can sell enough to disrupt the market. This is especially obvious when multiple whales sell around the same hour causing massive dips.

The market eventually corrects itself, no need to worry. Not all dips involve whales, lots of sellers and bears?

2) To The Moon

“To the Moon” is a simpler term, the moon stands for a users dream coin value. It indicates the price of a coin is skyrocketing to, you guessed it, the “moon”


Hold On for Dear Life or Hold On for Dear Lite if you’re a litecoin owner. In 2013 a drunk forum user accidentally made a typo when trying to type “I AM HOLDING” that caused traction in the community. Now, whenever crypto owners are keeping their ground during dips they use this term. It is mostly to avoid panic selling during dips to stop the value from dropping.

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