Pivots Have Their Negatives

Pivots in a startup seem to have under the table negatives that aren’t expressed around others. Every success story is the power of a pivot, to a succeeding business. Now, I believe pivots are the route to success because listening and adapting to customers is the way to go. While all this is true in helping the business, the insides of the business change. Not all founders are accepting of new changes because it changes goals and motivations.

I’ve been closely involved in a business and innovation group in Victoria, with this came to an excellent startup idea among myself and four other founders. We had a great concept and funding from a local VC, our next step was understanding our customer (University Students) and their feedback. We were in the food business, bringing a new service to campuses, unfortunately, this leads to price issues with our partnerships.

We had no choice but to pivot from our original startup, prices were too high and it wasn’t gelling with our target market. The pivot moved us into a more club membership space after customer feedback. This is where the pivot altered the inside drives of our business.

With new goals and motivations being changed, we set foot into a weird power change. Our visions changed and along came disagreements in the future of our startup. It can be difficult for a pivot to be welcomed into the thoughts and aspirations of already motivated founders. It’s now a grinding uncertainty in the new vision and path of the business. Some excited for the new future, others still hooked in the food service. It will be an interesting next few months as we rebuild our structures and excel our service.

Whatever that may be,

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